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Your passion for audio has led you to The Blackbird Academy, a professional sound engineering school, located at the center of the audio production universe. Our campus is built on the foundation of Blackbird Studio in Nashville TN, a multi-studio production facility where award-winning records are made every day. Here, you will not only graduate with the technical skills you need to work in audio, but you’ll learn the art of sound production from the top names in the recording business. Find out more about our programs here.

Learn in world-class studios

Learn from the best in the same studios and using the same gear you’ve heard on countless records.

Learn on the same gear pro live sound engineers use.

Learn from top recording and live sound engineers in a real-life, hands-on training experience.


2806 Azalea Place, Nashville, TN 37204

Toll free 855-385-3251 | 615-385-2423


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