The Blackbird Academy’s classroom is a recording studio with workstations for 30 students, an API 1608 console, two iso booths, Pro Tools HD, a patchbay, and three 65″ TVs. Each student workstation features Pro Tools, a Universal Audio Apollo interface, every plugin in the UAD-2 collection, and other apps. Students simultaneously record the same audio as the instructor; then, edit, mix, and playback their mixes on the main speakers for evaluation. Gear from the extensive Blackbird Studio is also available as needed for clinics, tracking, and overdubs.



The Blackbird Academy’s Live Sound facility features over 14,000 sq. feet of rehearsal space, classroom and gear that would make even the most seasoned sound engineer drool. 

2806 Azalea Place, Nashville, TN 37204

Toll free 855-385-3251 | 615-385-2423


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