The Blackbird Academy’s Live Sound Engineering Program is based on the same model as our studio engineering program: practicing real-life scenarios a live sound professional would come across every day. Our program has been developed in collaboration with Clair Global, the premier live sound company. Students learn on gear that touring professionals use every day, from the massive Clair warehouses in Nashville, TN. Clair Global professionals are part of the teaching staff, guiding students through the skills needed to work in this challenging and growing industry.​

Experienced-based Learning

at The Blackbird Academy

The most powerful and effective way to learn is first hand, from a mentor working in the industry. The Blackbird Academy’s Live Sound Engineering program is centered 100% on experiential learning, the same mentor-based focus that has spawned many generations of award-winning live sound professionals. You will learn from, and have access to, real professionals with lengthy credits who are touring pros themselves. Our graduates will be ready to start working in small, medium and large live sound venues, clubs, touring and fixed sound installations and houses of worship. These skills will be taught through regular “Hot Seat” and “Ears On” challenges where you will learn to listen, react, and provide services in the most professional manner. The curriculum includes regular roundtable discussions and guest mentoring sessions with engineers, audio professionals, and other pros in the live sound industry. Classes are limited in size, giving each student the most individual attention possible. When students are not in the live sound classroom or workshop, they learn onsite at live concert venues and other professional performance workspaces.


In the Live Sound Engineering Program – developed in collaboration with Clair Global, the world’s largest live sound company – students learn on the same gear that touring professionals use every day. Clair Global professionals are also part of the teaching staff, guiding students through the skills and knowledge required to work in this exciting and growing industry. The Blackbird Academy’s Live Sound Engineering Program is taught at the school’s new educational facility located at 3318 Ambrose Avenue, Nashville, TN.


The Blackbird Academy’s program is taught in the same studios, and with the same gear you’ve heard on countless records. Top instructors teach skills used by award-winning engineers, producers and artists, who will also be on hand as guest mentors and lecturers. Students are challenged with regular ears-on and hands-on exercises, the same technique that has trained generations of top music professionals. 

Topics covered include: 

Guest Instructors

The Blackbird Academy has the unique opportunity to invite an impressive roster of guest mentors from the live sound industry, including Clair Global’s professional staff. This rotating cast of expert engineers, musicians, tour support personnel and artists includes the top names in audio and the music industry.

Joe Keiser

FOH engineer (Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, ZZ Top, Jeff Beck, Keith Urban)

Garth Brooks

Guest mentor for the Live Sound Program.

Wayne Pauley

FOH engineer (Lee Brice, Sawyer Brown, Trisha Yearwood)

Kerry West

Engineer (Ronnie Milsap, Kenny Rogers, Alison Krauss)



Director Of Live Sound

Scott is a North Carolina native who moved to Nashville in 2017 to teach at Blackbird. He has been a musician for more than twenty years. He started out playing in bands before moving to the other side of the console. He studied at Guildford Tech and double majored in Recording Engineering and Concert Sound and Lighting. At the time he was doing freelance work for production companies and the local IATSE. This led him to working with Imagine Design and Productions, where he worked as an audio engineer, systems designer and installer.

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